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Fat Reduction

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Vanquish is a safe, non-invasive and affordable fat reduction solution specifically designed to treat the problematic midsection. It is faster and more affordable than other fat reductions like liposuction and tummy tucks, which means you can enjoy better body contouring without needles – or breaking the bank.

Highly precise radio-frequency energy is used to damage the fat cells in the treatment area while stimulating collagen – leaving no damage or marks behind.

Each session takes 30-60 minutes and can be undertaken weekly. You will usually see results 4-8 weeks after your final session. Vanquish is a popular solution for people who have persistent fat pockets despite a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The treatment is not suitable if you have metal implants such as pins and screws. It is therefore important that you disclose your medical history during your initial consultation.

You will experience no pain during the Vanquish procedure due to its non-invasive nature. There is minimal downtime involved which means you can get back to your day after your session is completed.

We recommend that you drink plenty of water before and after treatment for best results.

The Vanquish fat reduction process is typically complete after four sessions – but may take up to six in some cases.

We will tailor a treatment program for you during your initial consultation.

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