We have both Dermamelan and Cosmelan available to treat pigmentation. These treatments are great for melasma and hormonal pigmentation, as well as blotchy and scarred skin.

The Cosmelan and Dermamelan Depigmentation treatments are unique, multi ingredient chemical treatments designed to reduce and clear pigmentation and discolouration.

The Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments decrease the skins natural melanin production by inhibiting certain enzymes and then clearing discolouration, providing an even complexion. Suitable to treat face, neck and décolleté. Dark spots, blemishes, acne scars, dull, unhealthy skin can all be significantly improved with this treatment.
Melasma can be eliminated with the Dermamelan treatment and is the only effective and safe option we use to treat this. Cosmelan and Dermamelan also balances the skins oil production to improve acne.

The treatment is a three-month commitment which includes two steps – the initial application of the mask in-clinic, and an extensive home care regime to be followed for at least 12 weeks post treatment.

There is significant down time with the use of these treatments, including swelling, redness, peeling and discomfort.
We offer free consultation with our doctors, nurses and dermal therapists. Together we can assess your needs and tailor the right treatment option to suit your needs.
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