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Chemical Peels

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Medical chemical peels refresh the skin by removing its outer damaged layers during the application of the treatment. Some sunspots, irregular pigmentation, freckles and rough scaly patches can be significantly reduced.

Through the stimulation of your body’s natural healing process and production of collagen, chemical peels can also reduce fine wrinkles.

Some peels are gentler, slower with near invisible peeling and are a good introduction to this successful procedure. When the selected product is applied to the skin, it causes removal of the top or most sun damaged layers. As these layers peel off over the next week or so, new unblemished skin forms from the deeper germinal layers.

Medical chemical peeling stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells replacing tired old sun-damaged skin. This process is to be sharply contrasted with sunburn, which removes the outer layers of skin but causes UV damage to germinal cells, thereby compounding the aging process and risk of skin cancer.

At Bramis, we recommend having a free consultation with our dermal therapists to determine the best course of peels for your skin concern. They are tailored specifically to your skin type and concern, and will be discussed at length with you.

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