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Double Chin Injections

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This is a revolutionary new treatment which was approved for use in Australia in February 2017. It has been used overseas over the last few years. Due to strict advertising guidelines by the Therapeutic Goods Association, we are not allowed to use the brand name. It is known as two different names but is the same product both overseas and in Australia.

The product is a prescription only medicine which is safe and effective in the removal of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat). It aims to improve the appearance and profile of patients and help to contour the jawline. Injections with a small needle are made into the fatty tissue. The procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes. The area may be numbed beforehand, use a topical anaesthetic cream and icing the area.

Rare side effects include temporary problems with facial muscles eg weak smile and problems swallowing (due to nerve injury). However, these should resolve within a few days to 2 months at longest. Other side effects may include pain and discomfort, bruising, swelling and redness. The swelling may persist for up to 4-6 weeks after the treatment while the acid is working to dissolve the fat. treatment may include temporary numbness to the skin under the chin and areas of hardness to the injected area.

A minimum of treatments is required and sessions must be spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Further treatments if required can be purchased on a case by case basis. Up to 6 treatments may be required.

Prices start from $2000 for 2 treatments.

Dr Mela Brankov not only performs this treatment but is also a certified trainer for other doctors and nurses.

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