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Wrinkle Relaxers

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Wrinkle relaxers are commonly used to treat fine lines to create a younger more refreshed look. The solution injected is a safe muscle-relaxant, used by doctors around the world for decades.

It is one of the most studied and researched procedures and has no long-term side effects.

The injections are most commonly used in the frown lines, crows’ feet and forehead lines. Immediately after the injections, patients will have small mosquito bite-like bumps in the injected area. This subsides within 10 minutes, and can be covered with non-allergenic makeup by our staff after your appointment.

The effects of the injections take between 5-10 days to appear.

Due to strict advertising guidelines, we are unable to use the brand names, but we commonly refer to them as “Type 1” and “Type 2”.

  • Wrinkle relaxer “Type 1” costs $11.50 per unit.
  • Wrinkle relaxer “Type 2” costs $4.50 per unit*

*Type 2 requires 2.5 units to 1 unit of 1; therefore, the overall costs are very similar.

As a general rule of thumb*:

  • Frown lines require around 16-24 units of Type 1
  • Forehead lines around 8-14 units Type 1
  • Crows feet around 8-14 units each side Type 1

*Please note, individual needs vary significantly. A free consultation is always recommended in order to obtain correct pricing.


  • Do not lie flat for 4 hours after the procedure.
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not rub the area for four hours. For example – if you have any facials or eyebrow appointments booked you won’t be able to go ahead for four hours only.
  • No excessive exercise and alcohol for 12-24 hours.
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Our hugely popular Wrinkle Free Day promotion has been running at Bramis for the last 5 years.
Type 1 is $10 per unit and Type 2 is $3.50 at each location on the following days
Inglewood – Mad Monday
Currambine – Treat Yourself Tuesday
Subiaco – Wrinkle Free Wednesday
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Micro needling on the lips

The use of dermal needling on lip wrinkles has been shown to reduce lip wrinkles in most patients, and was concluded to be one of the most effective and safe techniques to improving upper lip wrinkles! We are able to treat the lips and adjacent areas with the Dermapen to help improve the appearance of wrinkles and provide more youthful, beautiful lips.

Who is a suitable candidate for skin needling?

Skin needling induces cell production in the skin by creating micro-injuries to the epidermis and dermis alike, which results in plumper, rejuvenated skin. Those who experience:

  • Ageing skin
  • Skin that is thin, lined and wrinkled
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Acne scars
  • Burn scars

Are excellent candidates for skin needling. Any hypertrophic scars, such as acne or burn scars, respond very well to skin needling, as depressed scars become elevated and the surface contours of the skin are smoothed.